My goal is simple:
I work with you to find a timely, cost effective, and fair solution that works for you.

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Understanding your concerns and priorities is most important.


Answering your questions in plain English.


Explaining your options


Giving you information and advice


Working with you to achieve a fair and sustainable result

I have a deep understanding of the court process that is the traditional venue for resolving differing and sometimes intractable points of view. For some clients, resolving disputes in court is the best option. But, for those couples who are interested in trying to resolve family matters differently, I have found mediation and collaborative family law to be a fair and equitable path forward.

I am here to help you by

  • listening
  • understanding your concerns and priorities
  • answering your questions in plain English
  • explaining your options
  • giving you information and advice
  • working with you to achieve a fair and sustainable result
Hueniken family law philosophy